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4:59 is the premiere IT integrator for physician and dental practices in the DC metro area. 4:59 augments the office staff by providing professional IT services.  Whether your office already has an EMR solution or are contemplating purchasing an EMR system, we assist the decision makers with the integration, always resulting in cost savings.

4:59 Solutions offers solutions to health care providers large and small as they move towards Electronic Medical Records (EMR).  We have partnered with the nation's largest providers of EMR software to provide the IT infrastructure for EMR migration.  Our solutions are compliant with HIPAA security standards.

4:59 Solutions offers the networking and hardware support for all of the EMR software vendors through our extensive partnerships with industry recognized leaders to offer a better product at the best price.  We will exceed software vendor requirements for hardware at a lower cost guaranteed.     

How do we accomplish this?  We specialize in hardware. By partnering with EMR software vendors, the customer is getting the best of both worlds.  Top notch software applications, run on a network by an integrator that is authorized to sell, install, operate and maintain the equipment.  In fact, our name brand solutions always exceed the generic "whitebox" solutions offered by the software vendor.  Long after the software company has installed their application, 4:59 Solutions will still be there for routine maintenance of the network.  You wouldn't ask a brain surgeon about your knee, why would you ask a software company about your hardware? Sure, they could do it, but they will charge you extra. In fact, our quotes for hardware and installation has always been lower than the software comany's quote for hardware alone.

One factor that holds physicians back from this eventual migration to EMR is the misconceived technologies needed and the upfront capital expenditure.  4:59 Solutions customizes commercial of the shelf systems to create a secure HIPAA compliant network infrastructure to support the physician, office staff and patient.  We customize the solution based on personal preferences between tablets, laptop and convertible laptops.  If one medical professional prefers a Toshiba notebook and another one wants a Motion Computing slate, we can support both preferences.   Our customized

solutions ensures that your migration to EMR is pain-free and we ensure that the front office and back office personnel know how to use the system.

Included in every quote is free training for the staff and individual training for each medical professional.  We also offer 24/7 help desk to support your office.

Our services including a site survey, deployment, installation and maintenance of all systems to include workstations, physician tablet PCs, and back office server/storage.  Included in every quote is free software training for the staff tailored to their desires and a 2 hour block of personalized instruction for each physician on the latest presentation tools.

Read the following white papers on some issues concerning EMR migration:

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Contact us at emr@459solutions.com to set up a free consultation.  


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