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Maxtor OneTouch III FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 - hard drive - 300 GB

Maxtor OneTouch III FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 - hard drive - 300 GB

Your digital data - photos, videos, email, documents, and music - is precious to you. Everyone knows the most effective way to safeguard your files is to backup your computer, but some may fear it will be a long, complicated process. But it's not! The Maxtor OneTouch III solution gives you a simple, reliable, and automated backup solution that can be managed with a touch of a button.

This handsome unit plugs into your personal computer via a USB or a FireWire 400 port. Simply plug in the drive and the Maxtor OneTouch III appears on your desktop. Easy to use installation and backup software will have you up and running in minutes. Designed based on customer feedback to fit into your daily lifestyle, the Maxtor OneTouch III solution includes automatic synchronizing of data between your laptop, home, and work systems. Maxtor even designed it to easily stack additional storage drives later if you need to, without any additional stands or clutter.

For those who need it, the Maxtor OneTouch III solution also lets you effortlessly synchronize files between your home and workplace computers on the same operating system. The versatility of dual interfaces also allows expandability, up to 62 FireWire devices or 127 USB 2.0 devices with a USB hub.

For added security, the Maxtor OneTouch III solution comes with Maxtor DriveLock and System Rollback. With the Maxtor DriveLock feature you can password-protect the drive against unauthorized users or in case of loss. The System Rollback feature can roll back your PC system to a better point in time, such as before a virus attack, while keeping your data current. The Maxtor OneTouch III solution is ideal for anyone who needs: a simple, reliable, and automated backup solution, additional storage space, synchronization between two or more computers, enhanced protection for their data, an expandable drive solution.

The Maxtor OneTouch III solution - there's no better way to add storage capacity and data backup to your computer.

Every Maxtor hard drive kit also includes easy MaxBlast™ installation software, step-by-step instructions, and an interface cable.

Package Contents:

External Hard Drive Documentation and Installation CD's Backup and OneTouch Manager software applications FireWire 800 cable External AC power supply Quick start guide Maxtor Limited Warranty

Price: $175.00

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